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12-axis automatic winding machine CZT-4612R
12-axis automatic winding machine CZT-5512R
Automatic feeding winding machine CZT-5512RZ
12-axis automatic winding machine CZT-4612B
Six-axis automatic winding machine CZT-9206R
12-axis automatic feeding winding machine CZT-4612Z
Automatic on + material winding plastic + solder CZT-4612H, 4616ZH
Automatic on + material winding plastic + solder + wobble plate CZT-4612ZH.4616ZHB
Single vibrating plate plus manual channel automatic soldering machine CZT-HX02
Conveyor belt test automatic soldering machine CZT-HX01
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Our products are widely used in transformers, ignition coils, relays, inductors, solenoid valve coils.
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  Spring Field Automation is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales, service and user protection of transformer professional winding and peripheral automation equipment. The company's products are widely used in electronic power transformers, charger transformers, various types of inductors (working, CD, NR, etc.), automotive electronic coils, ignition coils, relays, inductors, solenoid valves, coils of stepper motor coils And machinery for fully automated production lines.......[+Click to see more]
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